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Doing business with big business shouldn’t be overwhelming or difficult. But it can be, as Mining for Business partners Bronwyn Reid and Ian Rankine discovered when they started an environmental consultancy in Emerald, in the heart of the Queensland mining sector, 18 years ago. They know first-hand the problems you face as a small business owner trying to do better and smarter business within organisations that are much larger than your own. After all, they started with just one small coal-mining contract and successfully built an award-winning business that today supplies products, equipment and services to many leading resource companies, including Rio Tinto, BHP and GlencoreXstrat.

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We have built our strong reputation by working with these large corporates.

Bronwyn this was so fortuitous! I am helping a client to preliminary work for a tender with a mining company. This is just what we need to make a value proposition. Thanks a million


"Hi Bronwyn, Thank you for these - I really love your articles. I think they provide immense value - especially to CCIQ audiences. xx"

Carla Schesser | Andrew Griffiths Enterprises | CCIQ

"The 5 easiest ways to lose money on a contract. ​"

I found this timely for me and something that I find most businesses don't take enough to time to consider. I really appreciated the quick concise overview of the content on this topic and would encourage business to look at their internal project management strategies to best manage cost leaks of the ventures they undertake. In software development we call it feature creep, one and the same really.

Keep up the good work!

Michael Clisby

Bronwyn is an inspiration!

Dallas McMillan,  Influential Digital

“Over the years Bronwyn has provided a great deal of support and advice to me as a business owner as we experienced the ups and downs of self-employment. She was open to discussing business systems and efficiency, different rates and types of work, and how to continuously improve processes. I always appreciated being able to talk such matters through with someone in similar circumstances.”

Claire Barret | Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative | Executive Officer

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