CSIRO Education and Outreach Roadshow

CSIRO offer an engaging range of STEM (Science, technology, engineering & mathematics) programs for schools and students.

Bronwyn will be the keynote speaker at the CSIRO Education and Outreach Roadshow’s Industry Dinner.

Location: Maraboon Tavern, Emerald
Time: 6-8pm

The purpose of the Roadshow is to provide teachers in the region with an overview of the range of programs that are offered by CSIRO Education and Outreach and, also, to encourage teachers to engage with, and utilise, the resources and people that they have in their local areas to assist them in the delivery of STEM content in their classrooms.  The Industry Dinner will provide teachers with the opportunity to network with local STEM professionals and, hopefully, form ongoing working partnerships with one another.

Brownwyn will be speaking for about 15 -20 minutes about the types of testing that her Environmental Consultancy company do and projects that they work on.  There will then be a follow up with a bit of an analysis of how the type of science that is being done by 4T Consultants links with the Australian Curriculum and how it could be done on a smaller scale in the classroom.

Registration can be discussed via phone: 07 3833 5512