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At some point, every small business will have to take on a contract with a large organisation if they are going to grow.

But less than 15% of small companies are actually ready to take this step.

Winning that first big contract can be a game-changer.  At last, your business that you have poured your heart and soul into has a chance to take a step up and hit the “big time”  – and get out of the “Struggle Zone”.

But as Mining for Business owners Bronwyn Reid and Ian Rankine know from first-hand experience, supplying to large companies and being a part of their supply chain isn’t easy – and there’s a lot to know:

How do I win contracts with big companies?

Make Yourself Known

65% of small business owners tell us that “getting noticed” is their main hurdle to getting contracts with larger organisations, Government and corporates.  Having a digital presence is an absolute must if you want to establish yourself as a credible supplier.  That means having a website, and being searchable. But most SME owners do not have the skills to create that credible and searchable digital footprint, so we have brought together the professionals and the tools to make that happen.

Set Your Foundations

Before you are ready to successfully approach larger organisations, you first need to get the foundations of the business right.  There are some “must-haves”that these buyers need so they have the confidence to bring you into their supply chain.  Trying to step up to the next level therefore requires firm foundations to build from.  Having these business foundations correctly in place will let your business take the next step, knowing that it is ready, willing and able.

Simplify The Complexity

Navigating the maze of licences, policies, procedures, checklists and permits that you need to have in place in order to break into the corporate supply chain can be overwhelming. Many businesses find the compliance requirements far too complex, costly and time consuming to execute and keep current, and missed opportunities become a regular occurrence. Or worse still, they don’t even try.  Excellent business systems and processes are required to keep it all under control, and keep your company profitable.  The key is systemising your business.

Tell Your Story

Every large buyer needs a compelling reason to buy from you, and often, the only chance you have to demonstrate your capabilities is through the Tender process.  To stand a chance of being successful,  your proposal needs to not only tick all the compliance boxes, but also has to stand out and tell your compelling story.

Understand Your Buyer

For many small business owners, stepping up to deal and even Not For Profit organisations think differently to other customers.  They impose many requirements on their supplier network in order to remove risk in their supply chain.  Many small businesses don’t understand how supply chains work,  the supplier pre-qualification, and the prerequisites needed to supply and partner with these big buyers.

And the good news is … this doesn’t need to be put in place all at the same time.

While a change in the way you do business is imminent when dealing with large organisations such as Government departments, councils, large corporates, or even Not For Profits, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

There is a simple process.

Helping small businesses get the extra advantage they need to be successful, profitable and reliable suppliers is the reason we have developed a practical, step-by-step guide.

From our own experience as a supplier to all levels of Government, international organisations and the resources industries, we have developed  our own “Small Company, Big Business” Program.

Working with us through the Small Company, Big Business Program will help you work smarter, and do better business with any larger organisation.

The Small Company, Big Business Program takes you through the 5 steps:

  • Understand Your Buyer,  Understand how big buyers think, and what they expect from you.
  • Set Your Foundations.  Get the fundamentals in place that your big buyers will be asking for.
  • Simplify The Complexity.  Get the systems in place that you will need, and then keep them up to date with ease.
  • Make Yourself known.  Your potential big buyers will be checking you out online, so your digital footprint is vital.
  • Tell Your Story.  Have a compelling story to tell, and be able to tell it well in your proposal and tender documents.

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