Businessman faces confusion

Simplify the Complexity

Once you have understood how supply chains work, and how big customers think, the next step is to work on your ‘prequalification’ requirements.

– 50% of small business owners tell us that they have trouble “Getting all the stuff in place”.

– 43% tell us that “Finding the time and money to meet all the requirements” is a problem.

This quote from the Queensland Government’s ‘Preparing your business for major projects’ publication points out the minimum requirements.

“As a minimum, you must offer competitive pricing, quality and on-time delivery when supplying to a major project.

You have the best chance of entering and gaining long-term access to major project supply chains if you:

•demonstrate how your service or product adds value to the project and supports the project’s risk management strategy
•use an established business system
•have experience in responding to unexpected issues
•use innovation to improve the efficiency of the project supply chain
network to find and create opportunities to add value to the supply chain.”

Mining For Business starts with helping business owners to understand their current state of readiness, with a Supply Chain Ready Checklist.

 “If the small company’s business practices are shoddy, disorganized, or incomplete, large companies will be sure to notice.” Inc Magazine

“A business that looks orderly says to your customer that your people know what they’re doing.”  Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited

At this third stage, we will help you to:

  • Establish what business systems you need
  • Establish what business systems you already have
  • Help you to ‘systemise’ your business
  • Ensure that all the procedures are in place to keep your systems current.

For more information and to discover how we can help you stand out, comply and understand the world of big business, contact us to find out more about the Small Company, Big Business Program.

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