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Understand Your Buyer

Before you can successfully work with your big customers, you have to understand them.

It is always good business practice to understand your customer, but it’s even more important when you want to become a part of a large organisation’s supply chain.

– 70% of small business owners tell us that they have problems knowing and understanding what is expected of them when they try to deal with large corporates.

If you don’t understand what they expect, how can you give them what they want?

So, ‘Understanding the Buyer’ is the second step in the Small Company, Big Business Program.

At this first stage, we will take you through:

  • How big customers think
  • How big customers do their buying
  • Understanding the customer’s problem
  • Portfolio Risk
  • How supply chains work (and whether they do work)
  • Why a big organisations would buy from you
  • Why a big organisation wouldn’t buy from you

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