6th September 2017

  • 6th September 2017

    CQ University – Staff Conference 2017

    CQ University – Staff Conference 2017

    Bronwyn will be a keynote speaker at the annual CQ University Staff Conference, 6th – 7th September 2017.

    The staff conference will be attended by approximately 300 staff members, and is an opportunity for staff to hear inspirational thought-leaders, to network and ‘de-silo’, and to learn practical skills for values-based behaviour.

    Location:  Rockhampton Campus

    Date:  Wednesday 6th September 2017

    Topics will include disruptive innovation and the importance of critical thinking. Bronwyn’s experience in community engagement as well as being a small business owner will enable her to bring current information to the conference.




18th May 2017 pm

  • 18th May 2017 pm

    CSIRO Education and Outreach Roadshow

    CSIRO Education and Outreach Roadshow

    CSIRO offer an engaging range of STEM (Science, technology, engineering & mathematics) programs for schools and students.

    Bronwyn will be the keynote speaker at the CSIRO Education and Outreach Roadshow’s Industry Dinner.

    Location: Maraboon Tavern, Emerald
    Time: 6-8pm

    The purpose of the Roadshow is to provide teachers in the region with an overview of the range of programs that are offered by CSIRO Education and Outreach and, also, to encourage teachers to engage with, and utilise, the resources and people that they have in their local areas to assist them in the delivery of STEM content in their classrooms.  The Industry Dinner will provide teachers with the opportunity to network with local STEM professionals and, hopefully, form ongoing working partnerships with one another.

    Brownwyn will be speaking for about 15 -20 minutes about the types of testing that her Environmental Consultancy company do and projects that they work on.  There will then be a follow up with a bit of an analysis of how the type of science that is being done by 4T Consultants links with the Australian Curriculum and how it could be done on a smaller scale in the classroom.

    Registration can be discussed via phone: 07 3833 5512


18th May 2017 am

  • 18th May 2017 am

    Innovation Workshop – New Ideas Forum

    Innovation Workshop – New Ideas Forum

    The Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games (DTESB) and the Impact Innovation Group are holding an all-day Innovation workshop called “New Ideas Forum” on the 18th of May from 9 am – 12 pm.

    To be held at the Emerald Explorers Inn, the objective is to involve local business’ in interactive activities designed to analyse challenges and provide tools to help solve them.

    Bronwyn will be speaking on “Small Company, Big Business”.

    For most small business owners, landing that first contract with a big buyer is the spark for real business growth, but getting there isn’t always easy.
    Bronwyn has brought all her experience of attracting, winning and retaining work with large organisations over 20 years in business together in the “Small Company, Big Business” Program.

    Book your seat at the Innovation Workshop by contacting John Mathew via the Brisbane branch of Impact Innovation Group.

    Date:   18th May 2017

    Time:  9am – 12pm

    Location:  Emerald Explorers Inn, Emerald QLD


19th May 2016

  • 19th May 2016

    5 Things To Do Immediately To Improve Your Business

    For Queensland Small Business Week, Bronwyn will be joining with the Isaac Regional Council to present a unique workshop for small and medium business owners – “5 Things to do Immediately to Improve Your Business”.

    The 5 1/2 hour workshop will introduce business owners to 5 practical tools they can use in their business to make immediate changes.  Each of the 5 elements will have a take-away for the business owner to guide them towards business improvement.

    Topic: 5 things to do immediately to improve your business
    Location: The Chapel, Moranbah Community Centre
    Catering:  Tea, Coffee and lunch provided
    Time: 9AM – 2.30PM

    For enquiries and bookings for this workshop, call Bronwyn on 0417 602 981,
    or Kirra Alexander on 07 4846 3725

    Download the Workshop Brochure

April 20th 2016

  • April 20th 2016

    Being a Better Boss: Managing People

    Bronwyn has been contracted by the Grains Research Development Corporation to present a series of workshops on how to capture, engage and keep the best possible employees for your business.

    But this workshop isn’t just for people in the grain-growing industry – the content is equally applicable to any small business owner who is struggling with the whole issue of recruiting and managing employees.

    The last of this series for 2016 will be held on April 20th, 2016 at Duaringa, Queensland.

    Contact 0437 436 741 to book your place.

     Download the workshop brochure here



8th March 2016

  • 8th March 2016

    International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day is March 8th, and it will be celebrated in Emerald with a function held by the Central Highlands Regional Council and the Queensland Rural. Regional and Remote Women’s Network.

    Bronwyn will join two other local businesswomen for a facilitated “Sofa Session” panel discussion.

    Tuesday 8 March 2016

    10:00 am – 11:30 am
    Emerald Town Hall

     Free event. Limited spaces available.

    RSVP to Kristy Appleton on 49828356 or to kappleton@chrc.qld.gov.au

    International Womens Day



25th November 2015. Brisbane

  • 25th November 2015. Brisbane

    Safety Leadership at Work

    Bronwyn is a member of the Queensland Government’s “Safety Leadership at Work” Expert Reference Group.

    At the November 2015 meeting, Bronwyn will present to the group members on how the Bowen Basin Business Development Initiative was developed, and how the Initiative plans on developing leadership capacity throughout the regions of Queensland.  Leadership is one of the 9 identified business skills targeted for development. Safety leadership and safety systems are considered to be an early stage skill for the business owner and manager under the Strategy.

16 October 2015

  • 16 October 2015

    Economic and Social Development in the Extractives Industries

    Once again, Emerald will host a delegation from Africa who are visiting Australia on a “Economic and Social Development in the Extractives Industries” field trip.  The trip is funded under the Australian Government’s Aid Program.

    During their visit to Emerald, Bronwyn will deliver a presentation   “Why have small business in the resources industry supply chain”?  This is a topic of great interest to the visitors, most of whom work within the public sector of their own countries.  They have an even greater struggle than we do here in Australia, to get small, local businesses engaged with resource industry projects.

    24 delegates from 13 different countries will spend 3 days in the region, visiting people and places – including attending a sitting of the Central Highlands Regional Council.

    The delegates come from Mozambique, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda.

    We once again extend a very warm, Central Queensland welcome to our visitors. We hope you enjoy your stay, and take back some knowledge and lessons that you can implement in your own communities.

    Post Update:

    The entire delegation visited the Central Highlands Shire Council offices and sat in on a Council meeting.  One of the delegates, who has recently been elected as a Councillor in his own country, had the privilege of addressing the Council.

    African delegation visiting Central Highlands Regional Council Chambers




18th September 2015

  • 18th September 2015

    Bowen Basin Business Development Initiative Launch – Moranbah

    Bronwyn will be acting as MC at the launch of the much-anticipated Bowen Basin Business Development Initiative (BBBDI) in Moranbah on 18 September.

    The BBBDI is a new initiative that will help businesses in the Central Highlands and Isaac regions meet the challenges of market boom and bust cycles.

    The launch  will be the culmination of 18 months of planning and hard work by a group of stakeholders who decided that, in these difficult times, a more strategic approach was needed for regional business development and education.  Mining For Business, through Bronwyn, has been a member of the Steering Committee that has put the Initiative together.

    The BBBDI brings together the Councils, economic development organisations, State Government Departments, industry, business groups and business development consultants.  Business development activities will be coordinated through a central website, and every event will be targeted to specifically address the priorities that have been identified. All key stakeholders will be able to brand their training and business events with the BBBDI logo, and list them on the Initiative’s website.

    A morning workshop will provide stakeholders with an in-depth overview of the initiative and stategy, and how their organisations can be involved.

    The Workshop will be followed by a luncheon, where the Initiative will be officially launched by Isaacs Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker.   The strategy that provides the framework for the initiative will also be available on the website from this date.

    If your organisation would like to attend the Moranbah Launch, download the brochure for details, or phone Melissa Westcott at TM3 Training Solutions on 0428 180 421.

    Download the BBBDI Launch Invitation



11th June 2015

  • 11th June 2015

    “You’ve won the Tender – Now what?” Understanding Project Management

    Workshops and Networking Event – June 11th  8.00 am – 10.30 am  Emerald

    We all know that winning work in the current economic climate is not easy – so you need to make every project a profitable one.

    Mining For Business is again joining the BMA Local Buying Foundation to present a business development workshop in Emerald.  Additional presenters will be Steve Knight from the Department of State Development, and a BMA procurement and supply representative.

    The workshop will be followed by an evening Networking Event where business owners can meet BMA site personnel while enjoying light refresments and drinks.

    Our previous workshop in Moranbah filled quickly, so reserve your spot early.

    Reserve your spot for the Workshop

    What will I learn?

    • Stop the chaos of constantly chasing people and timelines
    • Learn what to look out for in contracts – the devil is in the detail
    • Know you have everything you need in place before you start
    • Make Sure the project stays on track – both time and $
    • Get the paperwork under control

    Who should attend?

    • Businesses who tender for projects and wish to develop project management skills
    • Businesses who are required to manage project changes over the course of the project.
    • Business owners/managers who want their businesses to complete projects

    Wanting to go a step further?
    Book a One-On-One Business Consult Session* with the Presenters

    •  Bronwyn Reid, Mining for Business;
    • Steve Knight, Department of State Development
    • BMA Representative

    * Three Sessions each available only

    For all the workshop and networking event details, download the Project Management Workshop & Networking Event brochure.

    Reserve your spot and one-on-one mentoring session

    This Business Development Activity is delivered as part of the Bowen Basin Business Development Strategy 2015

    BBBDS mapping

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